I have a confession.  I didn’t post a blog article last week because I was too busy reading the Hunger Games trilogy.  Yes, it was that good.  It wasn’t as gory as I expected, the story was just riveting.  I haven’t devoured a book (or series) this quickly since Harry Potter.  There were some themes: The oppression of the weak for the benefit of the strong; the willingness of people to accept cruelty to others in the name of entertainment; and the tendency of some people to follow the opinions of politicians or the media without question.  But I usually don’t let myself get too caught up in all of that – in fact, I so desperately wanted to know what happened next that I only consciously picked up those underlying themes upon reflection afterward.  Yes, I minored in English in college, but when I’m reading for fun I don’t want to have to pick the book apart like I’m writing an essay.   These books were an easy read – classified as “young adult fiction” – and they were totally enthralling, if a little grim at times.  If you have some time on your hands…you’re going on a beach vacation, for example…pick up this trilogy and let it take you along for the ride. 

Okay, now on to the rest of the post…which I’m hoping will come to me as I write.  Not much of interest happened to me this week because it rained so much that I felt practically house-bound.  Swimming practice on Thursday was pretty uncomfortable – swimming in an outdoor pool in 5⁰C air when fat, cold raindrops are landing on my head, face and back is not my idea of a great time.  The coach didn’t even bother to come out to give instruction.  So I swam my tush off for 40 minutes and went home.  I ran on the treadmill twice this week because I couldn’t stomach the idea of getting all cold and wet out there.  I would much rather run outside, but not when it’s raining that hard, and especially not when it’s hailing like it did on Wednesday.  I’m in awe of the flooding on some of the roads – I guess they’re just not set up for that kind of rain around here.  There was also snow on Mount  Tamalpais today.  From all the excitement about it, I don’t think that happens very often. 

Of course Valentine’s Day was on Monday, and I spent a quiet evening at home with my dear husband and some great Thai food.   He surprised me with a beautiful photo book of some of his best shots of our daughter.  There’s even a smaller copy that I can keep in my purse to show off to my friends.  I love it! 

In other news…okay, there really isn’t any other news.  It IS a long weekend in the US, though, so hopefully we’ll do something fun so I have something to write about next week! 

Oh, and apparently, Vancouver had their first homicide of 2011 this week.  Really?  It took that long?  Good for them!  I think Surrey (where we lived before moving to California) has had a few already. 

On the Kindle: The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest by Stieg Larsson

This is the third book in another trilogy that has been rocking the Best Seller lists.  Starting with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and then The Girl Who Played with Fire, this trilogy is another worth picking up.  It follows the story of Lisbeth Salander, a strange, antisocial young woman who has amazing computer skills and a talent for rooting out the truth.  In the first book, she helps solve a murder mystery using her incredible and mysterious expertise.  In the second, we learn more about who she is and where she came from, and it’s not very pretty.  She’s slandered by the media and is being hunted by the police for three murders that she didn’t commit.  In the third, I sure hope all the people who have been abusing and taking advantage of her since her childhood will get their just desserts (or comeuppance – I couldn’t decide which was more fun to say).