wagonMy weight-loss journey has taken a bit of a detour.  As I got exercising, I found that I could get away with not journaling my food and still lose a bunch of weight because I was burning so many calories.  So I got lazy with the food journaling.  Then, I went out for a few dinners in one week and still lost weight, so I also started getting lazy about my food choices.  Step three down the path was when my Mom and sisters came to visit.  We were on vacation, and so my usual rules about food and exercise went out the window.  I indulged in chocolate, carrot cake with cream cheese icing, and too much cheese and bread, among other things.  The fourth and final push into “fallen of the wagon” status was a week of migraines and a cold.  This postponed the exercise portion of my plan for over a week.  To top it off, I didn’t go to my Weight Watchers meeting to weigh in for two Saturdays in a row! 

So, this blog post is my commitment to get back into that wagon and keep riding hard toward the finish line…not that there will be a finish line of eating properly and exercising – that will need to last the rest of my life.  But you know what I mean. 

After all, I’ve told a bunch of my friends and family that it’s a permanent change this time.  I guess I just need to remind myself of that.

But that starts AFTER my daughter’s birthday party this afternoon.  🙂