The daffodil is the Cancer Society's symbol of hope

I just finished reading another amazing book, Choosing to Smile by Glenda Standeven, Michelle Rickaby and Julie Houlker.  It contains the autobiographies of three women who survived cancer, and their testimonies of how a positive attitude can make a huge difference in your life.  Each of the women has her own section of the book, and as I read through each story, I was more humbled and more encouraged.  They all live in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, where I grew up, so it was neat to have them refer to places that I know well.  But more important was the message…no matter what challenges life is throwing your way, if you choose to smile and refuse to take your life for granted, great things can happen. 

This has been a great lesson for me over the past couple of weeks.  I’ve been griping and grumbling about my lack of sleep and my daughter’s poor health; I’ve been breaking down sobbing when she won’t go back to sleep early in the morning; and I’ve been growling at the dog, the cat, and my husband for the slightest infraction.  Now, I could blame the weather (it was ridiculously rainy in March), or my hormones (Holy PMS Batman!), or the lack of sleep (4am really IS too early to get up, honey), or the isolation of having a sick child (oh boy, did I miss my friends!).  But those things are nothing compared to the beauty, joy and harmony I can experience if I choose to take each bump in stride and smile through adversity.  That’s what I chose to do this week, and it was awesome!  I had so much more fun with the Bean despite her ear infection and stomach bug, and the evenings with my Sweetie were relaxed and enjoyable.  Of course, the brilliant sunshine and normalization of my endocrine system may have helped too. J

Another thing I learned this week is that I don’t need to get all stressed out if things don’t go as planned.  I love to make plans to see people – I am truly a social butterfly, flitting from one social engagement to another.  But when a child gets sick, or babysitters are suddenly unavailable, or naptime happens at the wrong time, I agonize over having to change or cancel my plans.  It’s partly that I don’t want to miss out on the fun, but I also hate to let other people down.  I discovered this week that the world doesn’t end when I have to call and cancel a playdate or a therapy session.  The people I love still love me and are not offended.  As Sporty Best Friend told me this week, “Life happens”. 

So, I’m looking forward to another great week after a relaxing and fun weekend.  What adventures will be in store?  Who knows, but I’m game to find out.