Okay, so here’s the thing.  I have a bunch of ideas for things to write about, but they will all take some research, thinking and a clear head.  We’ve been sick in our house for about 6 weeks now.  First my Sweetie and my Baby, and then me!  I’m sorry, Cold-And-Flu-Season, but I’m a Mom – I’m not supposed to get sick…right?  Isn’t that somewhere in the contract that you sign when you give birth?  Anyhow, I’m finally on the mend, but still really tired from dealing with sick people for so long.  So we will resume our originally scheduled programming as soon as I have a bit more pep in my step.  All I really feel like doing by the end of the day is vegging in front of the TV or going to bed.  I’m behind in reading the blogs that I’ve subscribed to, I haven’t been keeping in very close touch with friends and family, and I haven’t even been reading my Kindle!!!  You know something’s up when I’m not reading. 

But I did feel some sense of responsibility towards you, my readers.  I thought I should at least say ‘Hi’.  So “Hey, how ya doin’?”  I miss you all terribly and can’t wait to post something good so that I can read all your great comments. 

Oh, I am excited to announce that I’m officially getting readers (and subscribers) who were unknown to me before I started blogging.  Totally cool.  (Can I say that?  I AM a child of the 80’s after all.)  Also, one of the authors of Choosing to Smile saw my link to her site and read the post in which I mentioned their book.  She commented!!!!  I’m really freakin’ excited.  Thanks Michelle, if you’re still following. 

So, I’ll be back soon.  I suspect it will be within a few days.  Because now I feel inspired to write, but it’s way too late to start, and I’ve had too much good food and wine to write anything well.