Mario, the cat, is 14 years old

I have a toddler, a cat, a dog and a husband.  My husband often says to me, “You’re everybody’s Mother”.  It’s true.  Of course, one would expect me to be the mother of my daughter.  But the cat and the dog come to me for everything too.  The cat usually chooses ME to lie on at night, wakes ME up in the morning when he wants his breakfast, comes to ME during the day when he wants cuddles, even if Daddy is home.  Even now, as I type, trying to get some “ME time” in while the Bean naps, my kitty is on my lap, digging his sharp little claws through my jeans and into my legs.

Sakari, the dog, is 6 years old.

The dog doesn’t tell Daddy that she needs to go out for a piddle.  Oh, no.  Even if I’m extremely busy with something and Daddy is not, she comes to bug ME. Want some playtime?  Ask Mom.  Need your water refilled?  Ask Mom.  Want to go outside? Mom.  Inside? Mom.   ARGGG! 

It’s been a little trying lately with the Bean too.  She is usually quite easy-going and laid back.  But lately, she’s been clinging to me like a monkey.  Maybe it’s time to change her nickname!  She can get around just fine by scooting on the floor in our house, but if I’ve put her down and then leave her line of site for a SECOND, she’s already wailing and scooting as fast as her little legs and bottom can carry her in the direction she last saw me.  It doesn’t matter if I’ve explained to her that Mommy will be right back, or that she can come with me.  She gets very upset and loudly lets me know that I’m not to walk away from her like that ever again.  Of course, it doesn’t always stop me, but it does make it very difficult and stressful to get any housework done.  No wonder the place looked like it needed to be shoveled out with a bulldozer by the end of the week. 

Some love from the Bean

This morning, my Sweetie was still in bed (Saturdays are his turn to sleep in), and I needed to shower before heading off to my Weight Watchers meeting.  So I gave the Bean a bunch of her favourite toys to play with on the bathroom floor and hopped into the shower.  It took about 10 seconds for her to start grabbing at the shower curtain, pulling it out of the tub while water sprayed everywhere.  No amount of pleading, cajoling or admonishments could deter her from this game.  The madder I got, the funnier she thought it was.   I JUST WANT TO BE ABLE TO HAVE A SHOWER IN PEACE FOR ONCE!  That’s what I was screaming in my head.  When it came out of my mouth, I wasn’t screaming, but it may have been loud still.  She laughed. 

But the thing is, as frustrating and infuriating as it can be sometimes to be pawed at, clung to, lain on, cried at, barked at, meowed at, pinched, scratched (oh the list goes on and on) constantly, I kinda like being everybody’s Mother.  Once the frustration dies down or I’ve had a chance to decompress, I’m right back to loving my job.

It feels a little wrong to be writing about the frustrations of motherhood the day before Mother’s Day.  But really, it’s all part of the package.  Any mother who tells you that she never gets angry or frustrated at her kids, and always has only the sweetest of feelings towards them is either on drugs or she’s lying through her very firmly gritted teeth. 

So, now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I can write a sweeter post for tomorrow.