In chronological order…

  1. Getting the Bean back to sleep for another hour and a half of sleep after her 4:45am wake-up on Saturday morning
  2. Giggles and smiles from my Bean
  3. Having tea with a friend
  4. Seeing the sun streaming down through the clouds
  5. Going for a walk with my Sweetie, my Bean, and my Dog and stopping for coffee along the way
  6. Getting a thank you note in the mail from a close friend
  7. Having friends over for dinner and making everything from scratch
  8. Sleeping in until 9:30am on Sunday…sleep, glorious sleep!
  9. Brunch at our favourite little diner
  10. Driving along the coast on a sunny day
  11. Seeing the beautiful fall colours on the trees
  12. Watching the Bean walk across the house with her walker all by herself! (I just helped with steering)
  13. Meeting friendly neighbours as I walked the Dog
  14. Quality time with my Sweetie with the TV off
  15. Finally getting back onto my Blog

Hope you had as great a weekend as I did.

I’d love to hear what made YOU smile this weekend.

On the Kindle: The Tavernier Stones by Stephen Parrish

This modern-day treasure hunt features an Amish (turned modern but still conservative) cartographer, John Graf, whose hero, 17th century mapmaker Johannes Cellarius is discovered in a bog after floating to the surface.  Cellarius is clutching a huge ruby in his dead fist, sparking a race to find the rest of a treasure thought to be the lost Tavernier stones.  One reviewer likens it to Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol, which I LOVED.

I’m not very far into it, but so far, it looks interesting.  I’ll give my opinion when I’m done.  But if you’ve got a Kindle and you like stories involving puzzles and mysteries, you might as well pick it up – it’s only $2.99. 🙂