One busy lady (A screenshot from CastleVille)

When the Bean was tiny and took a lot of naps, I spent even more time on Facebook than I currently do. And I played some Facebook games.  I haven’t had the time or patience to do that in quite a while.  I’ve enjoyed the time I haven’t wasted on games doing other fun things like blogging, reading, and catching up on episodes of old favourite TV shows.  I’ve also had so much work to do with the move and setting up the new house that I really felt like any time playing games (other than the few minutes I spend on Words with Friends) was not an option.

But then…yesterday we had an inside day.  It was cold and wet outside. my Sweetie had a headache, and we didn’t leave the house.  The Bean was happy playing, reading or watching TV with us.  I had stuff to do, and I did some of it; but we’d also worked really hard on Saturday cleaning out the garage so I decided to take a break and check out Zynga’s new game: CastleVille.  Oh boy, what a mistake!

Yes, it’s fun.  Yes it’s interesting.  Yes, it’s addictive and a huge waste of time!  Just before bed last night, I had to get back to my computer and harvest as much of my flax as I had the “energy” to harvest so it wouldn’t wilt overnight.  Ridiculous!  And yet, this morning, I was back on the game again.  I feel really silly because I’ve been so verbal about my disdain for online gaming.  On the other hand, online gaming is what pays our bills and keeps a roof over our head.  So, I’ve decided to embrace it and contribute to the success of the company that has employed my husband. FarmVille might be next.  After all, that is the very game my Sweetie works on.  Maybe I can pass on some suggestions.

Okay, maybe I’ve amassed more “energy” now.  Back to my game! (so sad)