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Recently my Sweetie picked up his guitar again and has started serenading us every night.  It started a little rough…after all, it had been at least 10 years since I’d heard him strum those strings.  But he was determined, and he’s starting to get pretty good.

When we first started dating, it was his rendition of The Barenaked Ladies song What a Good Boy that won my heart.  I was impressed that he trusted me enough to sing and play his guitar in front of me, and I was properly wooed by poetry and music.  As our lives became intertwined, things got very busy and the guitar disappeared for while…a very long while.  I’m so happy it’s back.

Sweetie has been experimenting with everything from his favourite classic rock songs and oldies to Christmas carols and children’s songs.  Probably the best part about his renewed love of singing and playing is that The Bean LOVES it!  She gets super excited when he brings out the guitar, and loves to strum and pick the strings herself.  She dances and smiles and laughs.  Today, she kept pointing toward the dining room where a bunch of her toys were, and when I set her free to show me what she wanted, she grabbed one of her bells and started playing along.

The Bean and I have been going to music classes together for a few months now.  She starts out reserved in each class, but gets into it earlier and earlier each time.  She has even started to sing along in class and loves to experiment with the instruments provided.

Treble Clef (courtesy of starmouth.wordpress.com)

Music is one of the major themes of my life.  I grew up listening to my parents perform duets as my father played guitar.  Later, I sang duets with my father as well.  I played the piano from the tender age of 6 and added recorder and flute into the mix later on in school.  I was in the church children’s choir, often chosen for solos and duets.  I joined the band and the concert choir in high school.

When I started college I stopped playing piano, was no longer in a choir, and sold my flute.  Music became something I only did in the car or with my family – singing at family gatherings, especially around Christmas.  I really missed singing in choir, but never thought I had the time to devote to practices and performances.  Perhaps I didn’t…I was working my way through school and living away from home.

I rediscovered my voice when I got pregnant with the Bean.  I sang to her and knew she could hear how much I loved her and the music.  After she was born, I made a point of learning lullabies to sing her to sleep.  I made up new words to old songs, and a few tunes of my own.  I pulled up songs that I hadn’t thought of since my own music-filled childhood.  They brought back so many good memories.

Attending toddler music classes with the Bean has brought so many more songs into my repertoire.  I’ve been practicing harmonizing again – picking out a harmony if there isn’t one I already know.  And to top it off, the Bean’s music teacher has now asked me to sing some harmonies on the album for the next session of classes.  We record in January!  I’m pretty excited.

I hope that the Bean’s love of music continues.  I hope she wants to play instruments and doesn’t feel shy about singing.  I’m so glad that my Sweetie is starting to model that for her as well, and it’s so much fun to have live music in our living room every evening!